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The Math en JEANS Doha 2016 Conference will bring together around 120 students from different French AEFE schools of the MOPI (Middle-East and Indian Peninsula) zone, as the Lycée Bonaparte (French) and Lycée Voltaire (Qatari-French) in Doha.

The Conference is the final step of a 6 month process aiming to allow students live mathematics, with a genuine scientific approach, following the principles of mathematical research.

The Conference enables students of several schools to get together, to meet with researchers, to gather their work with twin teams, and to present the results of their research to the other teams.

It will take place in Doha from Thursday March 17th to Saturday March, 19th 2016 and is organized by Lycée Bonaparte.

Free admittance

French Schedule for The Francophone Days 2016:

Francophony 2016 Poster Web English

Francophony 2016 Poster Web English