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This course guides students through important French and Francophone narratives from the 19th century to the contemporary period by focusing on the socio-political and cultural context of these fictional works and examining the aim of these works to reach some kind of absolute within the constraints of a post-revolutionary disenchanted world. This course is designed to offer a broad thematic introduction to French Literature and culture as well as narrative techniques and ask students to consider questions such as: What is ‘realism’? How is the ‘point of view’ constructed in these text? What are the ideological presuppositions shared by the narrator and/or the characters? How do these masterpieces still have relevance for us today and in what ways do they address the philosophical dimension of human existence? Students will acquire sophisticated tools to understand and interpret Francophone literature set in/against a global context.

Days: Tuesday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Language: French
Taught by: Dr. Patricia Reynaud
​University: Georgetown University in Qatar