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In March 2015, the launch in Yemen of operation Decisive Storm by a coalition of ten countries aimed at reinstating the power of President Abderabuh Mansur Hadi deposed by the Huthi rebellion. Beyond the humanitarian and strategic dimensions, the war is having fundamental implications, leading to a restructuring of Yemen’s social, sectarian and political fabric. The object of this conference will be to assess the country’s new fault lines and discuss existing mechanisms to regain stability and peace.


Laurent Bonnefoy

Laurent Bonnefoy is a CNRS research fellow at the Centre de recherches internationales (CERI – Sciences Po) in Paris. He serves as deputy principal investigator of the WAFAW (When Authoritarianism Fails in the Arab World) project funded by the European Research Council. His research focuses primarily on Yemeni politics and on the wider dynamics of politicization within the Salafi movements, in particular in the Arabian Peninsula. He is the author of Salafism in Yemen. Transnationalism and Religious Identity (Hurst & Co. and Columbia University Press, 2012) and has co-edited a number of collective volumes.