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VISION of an underwater bestiary
Research of the French artist FRANÇOISE NIAY 

April 11th, 7 pm
institut français du qatar 

Conference is free of charge and open to all





Françoise Niay is an artist-drawer, specialized in Letters and Art history.

She travels a lot and tells contemporary art through her artistic production while creating workshops. Her creations are inspired from the work of Ernst Haeckel, a German philosopher and biologist (19th century).E.Haeckel created a large number of boards representing microorganisms. She was also interested in Claire Nouvian’s photography who made research about deep submarine life and published a reference book on the microscopic animals, cells in depth.

At the Guerlain Foundation, she carried out 10 artistic reflection seminars on nature.

At the University of Caen, with the philosopher Michel Onfray, then at the University of Windhoek in Namibia, in China, in South Korea, in Burkina Faso, in Quebec, she led seminars while hosting workshops and exhibitions. She is interested in the crossroad of knowledge and cultures.