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Attention : there has been a change of location, the screening will take place at Katara Building 15 and not at Katara Drama Theater as previously mentionned.

Directed by: Serge Elissalde, Grégoire Solotareff

The young Mona lives in a ruined castle by the sea. She is a princess but she lives a life of misery. One fine morning a small unicorn, U, appears to her. She tells her she will help her to grow up and find happiness. The two become the best of friends until the day that a group of musicians arrive in the forest near the castle. On meeting them, Mona discovers two new things: music and a young attractive guitar player called Kulka. But what will happen to U if Mona no longer needs her?

71min / Animation
Minimum age advised: 4 years old

Language: French with English subtitles