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My Mommy Is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill

A small provincial town. The 70s.  John is 6, it is his first day at the big school.
When the teacher asks each child the profession of his father and his mother, John realizes that he is not like the others, he is concerned and invents an answer, “my mom is a secretary. ” In fact, his mom is always travelling… 
The movie was nominated for the 2014 Césars (best animated film of the year).

Directed by: Marc Boreal, Thibaut Chatel
75 min / Animated movie
Min age advised: 6
French version with English subtitles

Réalisation : Marc Boreal, Thibaut Chatel
1h25 | Film d’animation
Version française sous-titrée en anglais

Min age advised: 6
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