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Worshop number 1 : « Let’s build a scarecrow ! »

 A workshop to develop one’s creativity, and capacity of concentration; acquire, while playing, the technics of collage, of plasticine, of paper, of clay…; discover the vertues of recycling, get aware of the necessity of protecting the environment. Also a means of acquiring and/or fostering, while playing, one’s basis in French language.

An exhibition of the kid’s productions will be organized at the Institut francais.

Lavita Gandash, expert in teaching creative art craft to children, has taught in France, in Versailles Académie.

Age : From 4 to 7
No minimum French learning skill required
Frequency : 1 workshop per month
Day, hour : Tuesday, from 3 pm to 4 pm
Place : Classroom “Avignon”
Maximum number of participants : 10                                                                                                                          

Fee: 50 QAR
Previous registration through email : info@institutfrancais-qatar.com