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Tuesday, March 21st at 5 pm 
at the Institut Français du Qatar

Taste the flavors of the Caribbean while attending a mini concert of Ymelda Marie Louise and the telling of a West Indian story.

Free entrance subject to availability of seats. 



5 pm – 5.30 pm: mini-Caribbean concert

Ymelda Marie Louise will present songs from her latest album «Little do? « and make you discover her roots through traditional music blended with jazzy sounds and world music.


5.30 pm – 6.00 pm: Creole tale « SIMBI MAN MAN D’lo »

One day while fetching water from the river Mèmène falls into the water and meets a siren named Simbi who predicts that she will give birth to a son. Simbi offers her a diamond with a magical power in order to leave for Martinique, on the condition that her son will join her in HAITI, when he is ten years old …

Years pass and on the day of the tenth birthday of her son, Zebedee, Mèmène falls gravely ill. Zebedee then searches Simbi to save his mother. Before arriving at the pearl of the West Indies, the island of Simbi, Zébédé will make fabulous encounters: iguana comrade, mantu comrade, sisserou comrade … and will discover beautiful landscapes.