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The TEF, or Test d’Evaluation du Français, is a language test that is used to assess the level of French comprehension and expression skills in people who are not native French speakers.

The TEFaQ, or Test d’Evaluation du français adapté pour le Québec, is an examination intended for people who need proof of French proficiency specifically for Quebec immigration.

The French Institute is the only official center in Doha organizing this exam.

Registration form for TEF/TEFAQ, to fill and return to the French Institute with the required documents (photocopy of the passport and two photos)

Starting February 1st, 2020: the 60 days waiting period previously required between two successive TEF test sessions will be reduced to 30 days. You can now take a test of the French Evaluation Test, all versions combined, after a period of 30 days.


You want to get ready for your TEF/TEFAQ exam? The workshops at the French Institute are there for that!

“Success” pack

Workshop+ Access to the platform PrepMyTef +Exam

Only 2000 QAR

Possibility to purchase also only the access to the platform


  • Number of hours: 8 hours
  • Day and timing: Tuesday and Thursday from 5.30 to 7.30 pm

Our workshops are spread over 4 weeks and are offered before each exam session, and they are designed to provide participants with tools that will reassure them on the day of the exam. These workshops will allow students to understand how these exams work, to put in place comprehension strategies and to practice the exam using multiple actuel scenarios.

Thanks to the Prepymytef platform offered with the workshop, you will able familiarize yourself with the tests by training at home.

Your teacher will assess your strengths and weaknesses and thus help you in an even more personalized way to prepare for the exam! The workshops will focus on the written and oral skills, while of course also addressing the comprehension skills and developing strategies to prepare for the exam day.

Workshop fees: 800 QAR

*If you are viewing this page from your phone, make sure to activate the option “computer view” to see everything fully!

Date of exam End of registration*


Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4
05/11/2020 22/10/2020 06/10 13/10 20/10 27/10
11/11/2020 28/10/2020 15/10 22/10 29/10 05/11
12/11/2020 29/10/2020 15/10 22/10 29/10 05/11
18/11/2020 04/11/2020 15/10 22/10 29/10 05/11
19/11/2020 05/11/2020 15/10 22/10 29/10 05/11
25/11/2020 11/11/2020 03/11 10/11 17/11 24/11
26/11/2020 12/11/2020 03/11 10/11 17/11 24/11

* In the tab, the deadline for registration is on an indicative basis: if the maximum capacity is reached, your registration will be postponed to the following month.


The teacher will be able to see your strengths and weaknesses and tailor your needs to help you get ready for the exam!

The workshops focus on the writing and speaking parts, but will also cover the listening and reading parts, helping you develop strategies for the day of the exam.